Accounts and audit

Sheviock-Parish-Council-notice-of-conclusion-of-Audit-Annual-Governance-Accountability-return-for-the-year-ended-31st March 2021
Audited Governance and  Accounting statements/ AGAR 1,2&3  April 1st 2020 to March  31st 2021
External Auditors Report/Certificate. For Annual Governance and accountability return/Accounting statements April 1st 2020-March 31st 2021.
Notice for the exercise of Public rights 2020/21 and publication of unaudited Annual Governance and accountability return, Accounts for the year ended March 31st 2021.
Annual Internal Audit report 2021/21 (unaudited)
Annual Governance Statement 2020/21 (Unaudited)
Accounting statements 2020/2021 (Unaudited)

Bank Reconciliation March 31st 2021

Explanation of Variances in income/expenditure 2020-21 plus Reserves held as of  March 31st 2021  including ring fenced sums for future projects/parish plans.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2019-202
External Auditors report and certificate 2019-20
Annual Internal Audit report, Accountant. 2019-2020
Audited Annual Governance statement 2019-2020
Audited Accounting Statement 2019-2020
Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2019-20
Bank reconciliation end of financial year 2019-20
Explanation of variances/incoming/expenditure between 2018-9 and 2019-20

Parish (precepted) budget end of financial year 2019-20 plus budget for 2020-21 and other year comparisons

Devolution budget year ending March 31st 2019-20 incorporating 2020-21 budget and previous year comparisons.
2018-9 Notice of conclusion of audit
2018-9 External auditor’s report/certificate
2018-9 Internal auditors’ report
2018-9 Audited Annual Governance statement
2018-9 Final Accounting statement Audited
End of year 2018-9 Parish budget 
End of year 2018-9 Devolution budget
2018-19 Parish budget review plus 2019-20 agreed Parish budget

2019-20 Devolution budget

2018-9 Devolution budget review Nov 2018


Notice of conclusion of Audit 2017-8, Public Rights to view notice.

Annual Governance statement section 1 of AGAR  And Accounting Statement section 2 of the AGAR for 2017-8

External Auditors report and certificate section 3 of AGAR 2017-8

Notice of Provision of the exercise of Public rights to view un-audited Annual Governance and accountability return. Accounts year ended March 31st 2018

Full audit pg 1-6. includes: Accounting statement, Annual Governance Statement, Internal auditors report.

Explanation to : Governance statement 2017-2018


External Auditor certificate/report 2016/7

Accounts Statement 2016/17

Declaration of Status of Accounts 2016/17

Narrative to the forward budget 2016/17

Future Budget estimates 2016/17, 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20

2016/17 Budget commentary

2016/17 variance analysis of predicted and actual income and expenditure

Devolution Balance Sheet 2016/17 at 6/04/17

Parish Council Balance Sheet 2016/17 at 6/04/17

Previous financial years

Devolution Balance Sheet 2015/16 at 5/04/16

Parish Balance Sheet 2015/16 at 5/04/16

Parish Balance Sheet 2014/2015 at 1/04/15

Devolution Balance Sheet 2014/15 at 1/04/15

Parish Balance Sheet 2013/14 at 01/04/2014

Parish Balance Sheet  2012/2013 at 01/04/2013

Parish Balance Sheet 2011/2012 at 1/04/2012

Parish Balance Sheet 2010/2011 at 18/03/2011

Parish Balance Sheeet2009/2010 at 01/04/2010

Parish Balance Sheet 2008/2009 at 01/04/2009


Notice of Conclusion of Audit and completed Annual Return 2015-2016

Audit 2014-2015

Audit 2013-2014

Cash Ledger

Final Cash Ledger 2015-2016

Final Cash Ledger 2014-2015

Final Cash Ledger 2013-2014

Final Cash Ledger 2011-2012

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