Parish Council Planning Procedure 2016-17
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Sheviock Parish Plan

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Cornwall Planning Department
Public access to Cornwall’s Online Planning register
Caradon design Guide click on this link and scroll down to Caradon design Guide.
planning portal website/advice on planning



3 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Reference Extension to the Sheviock Memorial Hall .
    We are totally in agreement with the proposed extension to the Sheviock a memorial hall. This added room will offer a larger space for public use.
    Michael Snowling


  2. A much needed space for small groups to meet in a morning without people interfering with the daily pre school activities.
    Barbara Snowling


  3. The Garden Club meet regularly in the village hall usually in the small room next to the kitchen but the club has expanded with lots more members joining so that we have had to move to the sports room which is long and narrow which makes it very difficult for all members to see presentations by speakers, the main hall is used by other clubs when our club meets so we cannot use it. The hall extension will allow our club and others the much need extra space.


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