Community Engagement

The Bill Warren Room, Sheviock Memorial Hall, Crafthole, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL11 3DG

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Aim of the Grants Policy

Sheviock Parish Council aims to use a process of awarding grants to community groups and individuals acting on a voluntary basis to help engender engagement with the Parish Council and within the wider community. It will be funded by an annual allocation that will maintain the fund at 2.5% of the Parish’s precept.

Objectives of the Grants Policy

  1. To encourage the formation of new groups and particularly youth groups with a common purpose to provide new or enhanced facilities within the Parish or for use by those living within the parish.
  2. To help build a commitment by all residents to a strong community that takes a pride in the Parish.
  3. To widen the involvement of groups within the Parish to improve the well-being of the whole community.
  4. The encourage the involvement of younger members of the community in developing community based projects.
  5. To provide start-up funds that allow new ideas and innovative solutions to be publicised and community support evaluated.

Grant Awarding Procedure

Grant applications will be assessed by the Parish Council at the first Parish Council meeting after submission that it can appear on the agenda. Applicants are expected to attend the meetings and give a short presentation, about 10 minutes long, describing the purpose of the grant and its expected outcomes, how the grant would deliver value for money for the Parish Council and what other funding has been raised or may be available.

Normally, not more than ⅔ of the annual grant budget will be allocated during the first halh of the financial year.

Application for a grant will only be considered if it is made on the Parish Council’s application form. Application forms are available via email request to the Parish Clerk,  at any time or in hard copy from the Parish Clerk’s Office in the Memorial Hall, Crafthole during the published opening hours.

The parish council will minute its decisions, which will be based on this policy, and these will be published on the Parish website and on Parish Notice Boards as part of the Parish Council minutes

The Parish Council reserves the right to award a single, multiple, or part funded grant or none at all where it feels that the bids do not meet the aims of the Grants Policy. For those applications that are unsuccessful feedback on the reasons will be available from the Clerk.

The Grants Procedure will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that the grants awarded are achieving the aims of this Policy and directly supporting delivery of the Parish Plan.  The grants awarded will also be subject to the Parish Council’s annual audit processes to confirm value for money.

Assessment Criteria

Preference will be given to projects:

  • with evidence of community support (letters of support from established groups and/or individuals, petitions signed by local residents, etc.) or as start-up grants to evaluate that support;
  • submitted by youth groups;
  • supporting vulnerable groups, and
  • projects where the Parish Council’s award will help to secure further funding.

These are the criteria, not in any particular order, against which applications will be judged.

It is a condition of the award of a grant that a presentation of the project outcomes will be made at the next Annual Parish Meeting in April.

Application Form

The application form is given in Appendix 1.

Advice on completion of the application form is available from the Parish Clerk or any Parish Councillor.

Application forms must be complete, signed, accompanied by accounts where stipulated and received by noon on the last day of March, for consideration at the April meeting, or last day of September for consideration at the October meeting.

Grant Award Agreement

To receive a grant, once awarded a representative of the successful group or the individual applying must sign a Grant Award Agreement from the Parish Clerk. This agreement will specify the amount award, when and how it can be claimed, any special conditions applied and use the application form to describe the project. Signing the agreement indicates that the terms and conditions of the Parish Council’s Grant Policy current at the time of signing are accepted.


Each successful applicant will be allocated to a Parish Councillor who will follow the progress of the grant and keep the Parish Council updated.

In some instances, the nominated Parish Councillor may be asked to approve specific expenditure where the award is held by the Parish Clerk.

All successful applicants will be asked to provide a final report and presentation of outcomes to the next Annual Parish Meeting. Occasionally, successful applicants may also be asked to provide interim reports to the Parish Clerk for Parish Council Meetings but this requirement if applied will be stipulated in the Grant Award Agreement.

All expenditure against the Grant must be receipted and accounted for and will be subject to audit through the Parish Council.

Any grant funding not spent must be accounted for and the Parish Clerk advised at the earliest opportunity.  The Parish Council will take the decision if this is to be repaid or remain with the project.


The Parish Council should be acknowledged for grant funding in all media releases relating to the project.

All media requests for Parish Council comment relating to the project should be made to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

This policy was adopted by Sheviock Parish Council on:

Signed on behalf of Sheviock Parish Council


Name (Print):

Chairman of the Parish Council.



Appendix 1.


Application Form for Grant for Voluntary Organisations


Please note that this application will not be considered unless it is accompanied by a copy of the latest set of annual accounts showing the organisations income, expenditure and level of balances. If the organisation does not prepare annual accounts, copies of the bank statements covering the previous six months must be enclosed.

For start-up organisations without a bank account details of what the grant will be spent on must be provided and if the application is successful expenditure will be by the Clerk on advice and approval from a Parish Councillor identified as a project mentor



Name of Organisation


Name, Address and Status of Contact

3. Telephone Number of Contact  
4. Is the Organisation a Registered Charity? Yes/No
5. Amount of Grant requested £
6. For what purpose or project is the grant requested and what evidence do you have that the residents support this?


















When will the funds be required?

7. What will be the total cost of the above project? £
8. If the total cost is more than the grant, how will the residue be financed?








9. Have you applied for a grant for the same project to another organisation?

If so, which organisation and how much?


10. How will the project deliver its stated outcomes?












11. Who will be the main beneficiaries of this project?
















You may use one further separate sheet of paper to submit any other information which you feel will support this application.