Are you interested in the life of your village, your parish, your local environment, recreational facilities, local transport, planning, and housing issues?  

Just a few of the areas where we get involved to help make a difference to our community.

Following elections in May 2021 there remains 1 vacancy for a co-opted, voluntary Councillor.

Will YOU come and join us? If yes, or you would like more details, please contact the Parish Clerk – contact details below.

Email Mrs Nancy Gray at:

or telephone 01503 232996 and leave a message with your contact details.


Please use the drop-down menu by hovering your cursor over COUNCIL in the top tab bar to access:

  1. Agendas;
  2. Minutes;
  3. Emergency Plan/Policies/procedures and Committee terms of reference;
  4. Councillor’s Code of Conduct and declared interests;
  5. Staff Contracts of Employment;
  6. Accounts and Audit.