Sheviock Parish Council, Election of Councillors. 

Come and help shape your Parish.


Are you interested in the life of your village, your parish, your local environment, recreational facilities, local transport, planning, and housing issues?  

Just a few of the areas where we get involved to help make a difference to our community.

There are 6 voluntary Councillors at present. All 7 seats are up for election on May the 6th, should more than 7 applications be received.

Will YOU come and join us? If yes, or you would like more details, please contact the Parish Clerk – contact details above, or visit the Cornwall Council, Council and democracy page:

Should you wish to apply for the role of Councillor on Sheviock Parish Council, please click here for further information, also below for the Notice of Election.

You can download an application form from the above Cornwall Council site above, or obtain an application form direct from the clerk, please email Mrs Nancy Gray at:

Click here for  Notice of Election for Sheviock Parish Council, election of Councillors

Further info can be obtained by contacting the clerk:

Please use the drop-down menu by hovering your cursor over COUNCIL in the top tab bar to access:

  1. Agendas;
  2. Minutes;
  3. Emergency Plan/Policies/procedures and Committee terms of reference;
  4. Councillor’s Code of Conduct and declared interests;
  5. Staff Contracts of Employment;
  6. Accounts and Audit.