Emergency Plan, Policies, Orders,Terms of Reference and Contracts

General – Standing Orders, calendar of events

Parish Council Plan 2017-18

Parish Council Plan 2016-17

Parish Council Plan 2015-16

Tender and contract for grass and undergrowth cutting

Sheviock Parish Council Standing Orders March 2017

Emergency Plan V 2018 Feb13th (note contact numbers removed except for emergency coordinators and parish councillors)

Councillors Training Record

Awards for all successful grant application for Crafthole Open Space

Viridor successful grant application for Crafthole Open Space.

Coastal revival successful grant application

Additional traffic enforcement visits SLA

Financial regulations, risk assessment, Assets and reserves policy

Sheviock Parish Council Financial Regulations 2016-17

Financial Risk Assessment schedule 2018

Parish Asset list and valuation 2017-18

Parish Asset Register 2016-17 

Financial Reserves Policy 2017-18

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Equality Policy 2016

Grants Policy 2016-17 (also shown on the Community Engagement page)

Sheviock Parish Council Health and Safety Policy 2016

FOI Policy 2016/17

Scheme of Delegation

FOI Information charges and document retention 2016-17

Data Protection Policy 2016-17

Community Engagement Policy and Strategy 2016

Planning process and procedure 2016-17

Training Policy 2016-17

Sheviock Parish Council Document Retention Guidelines 2015

Press and Media Policy 2016-17

Code of Complaints 2016-17

Disciplinary Procedure 2016-17

Grievance Procedure 2016-17

Parish Orders

Traffic Order for Portwrinkle – maps of the lines approved after Cornwall Council public consultation HERE, HERE and HERE

Final Dog Order with revised map May 2011

Final Dog Order with map April 2012

Terms of Reference for Committees

Appeals Committee 2016-17

Disciplinary Committee 2016-17

Planning Committee 2016

Selection and employment Committee 2016-17


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