Clubs, Contacts

Click the heading below for link to each club:

Youth Clubs within the Parish (Barbara Snowling 230326)

Badminton Club

Sunday Youth Club

Table Tennis Club

Barbara Snowling
01503 230326

Mike Snowling
01503 230326

Body Beautiful Fitness – a gentle but effective whole body conditioning class
Susi mMackenzie
01503 230 774 or

Gardening Club
Dee Medway
01503 230661

Keep Fit
Barbara Snowling
01503 230326

Mothers and Toddlers
Paula Brooks
07900 553116

Liz Doyle

Paula Brooks
07900 553116

Short Matt Bowls
Eileen Turner 01503 232799 or
Lynn Erasmus 01503 232803

Short Tennis
Mike Claughton
01503 230022

Thelma Wells
01503 230524

Beryl McIntosh

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