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2019 AGM – Sheviock Memorial Hall on Monday
20th May 2019 at 7pm.

Keep our shop

The Community Shop is now OPEN and selling newspapers, groceries, tobacco, pasties and dairy products. Remember, if it is not supported we will probably lose it!

Crafthole Community Shop CIC Update for September 2018
31 August 2018

Whilst serving in the shop recently, I had some ‘summer visitors’ come into the shop. They said they
had been visiting the area for several years and recognised the shop as areal community asset. In
particular, they found the shop remarkably “well stocked” and commented how welcoming the
volunteers in the shop are. It was encouraging to hear this from relative strangers.
And, yes, the shop is a real service to the village and its environs…. and it’s worth ensuring that it
continues to be that readily available place – not only where you can get your daily provisions but
also be a ‘point of meeting of lives’ – where community in action happens.
How can you help us to see this is fulfilled? Well. Our immediate need is to enlarge the pool of
volunteers – Could you give us 2 hours a week to join our happy band in welcoming people in the
shop and serving them?
If you can, please contact our manager, Ellen, by phone 230 225 or the Chair, Bryan, on 230 187; or
maybe, just pop in to the shop and give your contact details to the volunteer on duty, expressing
your interest in becoming a volunteer. Your will then be contacted by our volunteer trainer, who will
do some ‘hands on’ training in the use of the till, etc – followed by your working alongside an
existing volunteer for maybe a couple of sessions; by which time you will be confident enough to go
‘solo’. And, by the way, if you are new to the village, it’s a great way to get to know folk.
And, finally, the directors wish to apologise that over recent weeks, we have not been able to staff
the shop on some Saturday afternoons, with little or no notice being given. We apologise to those
who have been inconvenienced by not being able to access the shop on those occasions. We have
been trying to keep going on a ‘week by week’ basis. But at our recent directors meeting, we
decided that this inevitably led to short notice closures. We have therefore decided to close the shop
on Saturday afternoons, with effect from 8 September 2018.
We would ask you to bear with us until such time we can ensure a fully staffed presence each
Saturday afternoon.
Bryan Pullinger (Chair Crafthole Community Shop CIC - Registered Number:07833286)


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